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3D Web Development

Posted on: September 28th, 2014 by adithya

You have probably heard about the growing interest in WebGL, the technology that allows for real-time 3D graphics in the browser. For a few years, talented people around the world have been using it to create amazing experiences, music videos, games, data visualizations, and more.

With the power of hardware-accelerated 3D graphics, WebGL truly offers endless possibilities for designers and developers. Better still, browser support is growing fast (including future releases of Internet Explorer), which makes the technology very promising for the future of the Web.

In fact, the technology is so exciting that we sometimes forget what makes it special: running in the browser, which means that it can be used within any web document. In my opinion, WebGL shouldn’t be solely used for full-page 3D applications like the majority of examples we see online. It could also be integrated into regular web pages, in combination with other technologies and content.

Just as we use images, videos, SVG, and other visual elements to build our pages, we could use WebGL to create a more engaging user experience by adding interactive graphics and visual effects that are impossible to achieve with any other available technology.