“Art is man’s yearning to express himself and capture his personality’s responses to the world he lives in.”.

We have the opportunity to discover who we are via the solitude and imagination of art. With the use of our senses, art allows us to connect with both our creative side and Mother Nature. Art lifts our spirits! The fine arts club welcomes all kalakars to participate in the creative process in this attitude..”.


Everything you see around you is likely the product of someone’s imagination, yet everything you can conceive is real.

The purpose of the fine arts club is to promote an artistic atmosphere at our campus and increase the community’s understanding of aesthetics and fine art. Its goal is to unleash each student’s artistic, expressive, and creative potential. The fine arts programme promotes self-esteem, respect for others as well as their work, cultures, and art in order to promote openness to new ideas and tolerance for individual diversity.

1. The main objective of the fine arts club is to encourage the budding talent of the students.

2. Impart skill based training and multi-disciplinary research activities with industry and reputed institute collaborationsProvide opportunities and encouragement to express oneself freely.

3. Educational objectives of this club are to encourage imagination, create ability and introduce an artistic environment.

4. Inspiring students to make maximum contributions as creative artists and citizens.

5. Organize various competitions, functions, and events in the college.

6. Make the student confident and competitive in the global environment.

7. To improve the imagination skill in entertainment.

8. To give the students artistic outlet and to help each enrich interest for art and personal experience through art.




Mrs.G.Nithya, AP/ECE


Cultural Committee Member
SI.No Name of the Member   Designation   Depatment   Position Held
1.  Mrs.B.Deebigha AP CIVIL Member
2.  Mrs.Y.R.SareenaAngelin AP ECE Member
3.  Mrs.D.Brindha AP CSE Member
4.  Mrs.T.Kalaivani AP IT Member
5.  Ms. N.Gayathri Student CIVIL Member
6.  Ms.M.Sujitha Student CIVIL Member
7.  Ms.M.Benisha Student CSE Member
8.  Ms.S.Swetha Student CSE Member
9.  Ms.C.Youthith Student EEE Member
10.  Mr.M.Manoj Student ECE Member
11.  Mr.K.Thejas Student ECE Member
12.  Ms.A.Anushiya Student MECH Member
13.   Ms.E.Vaishnavi Student MECH Member
14.  Ms.V.Snegha Student IT Member
15.   Ms.M.Dhilsha Student IT Member

SI.No Academic Year  Name of the Event  Guest/Resource Person   Date   Venue   No of Participants
1.   2016-17 Inauguration of Fine Arts Club Prof.Mrs.Y.R.SareenaAngelin / Dept. of English/ AIT    12.6.16 Fine Arts Club 50
2.   2016-17 Induction program for first years Dr.ChithraManohar CEO, Adithya institute of technology, Coimbatore    23.7.16 Auditorium 70
3.  2016-17 Concert for hostel students Dr.ChithraManohar CEO, Adithya institute of technology, Coimbatore   27.7.16 Canteen 65
4.  2016-17 Concert for Ignited minds program Dr.ChithraManohar CEO, Adithya institute of technology, Coimbatore   17.10.16 Fine Arts Club 75
5.  2017-18 Inauguration of Fine Arts Club Mr.J.R.Nishanth /AP/ECE   08.07.17 Fine Arts Club 35
6.  2018-19 Poetry Day celebration Dr.S.Muthu, Principal, Adithyainstitute of technology, Coimbatore   21.3.19 Auditorium 17
7.  2019-20 Annual Day Event- UTSAV’20 Mr.Kuraishi Mr.Yogi Vijay TV Celebrities   14.03.20 Open Auditorium 100+
8.  2020-21 Teacher Day celebration Dr.D.Somasundareswari, Principal, Adithyainstitute of technology, Coimbatore  05.09.21 Auditorium 27
9.  2021-22 Annual Day Event- UTSAV’22 Mr.Prabhu Solomon Indian film Director   18.06.22 Open Auditorium 100+