Eco club is a stand on which we got the awareness about environment. The meaning of an eco club in a group who works to contribute to improving environmental conditions. They offer programs and activities to encourage others to reduce pollution, plant trees, and more



1.To create a Clean and Green Campus.

2.To prepare and coordinate student engagement in environmental preservation and conservation.

3.To communicate environmental themes through various media such as audio, video, posters, seminars, workshops, Guest Lectures, and contests.

4.To raise public knowledge about environmental conservation and pollution-free environments.


Name of the Cell /
Faculty co-ordinator Mr. M.Perarasan – AP/Civil
President Aravinth R. Civil 3rd Year
Balaji N. Cse 3rd Year
Divya A. Eee 3rd Year
Thejas K. Ece 3rd Year
Mohamed Arshad B. Mech 3rd Year
Periodicity of the meeting As and When required

The activities under the scheme include

  • Motivate the students to keep their surroundings green and clean by undertaking plantation of trees.
  • Promote culture of conservation of water by minimizing the use of water.
  • Motivate students to take in habits and life style for minimum waste generation, source separation of waste and disposing the waste to the nearest storage point.
  • Educate students to create awareness among public and sanitary workers, so as to stop the indiscriminate burning of waste which causes respiratory diseases.
  • Sensitize the students to minimize the use of plastic bags, not to throw them in public places as they choke drains and sewers, cause water logging and provide breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Organize tree plantation programmes, awareness programmes such as Quiz, essay, painting competitions, rallys, etc. regarding various environmental issues and educate children about re-use of waste material & preparation of products out of waste.
  • Organize Nature Trail in Wild Life Sanctuaries/Parks/Forest areas to know about the Bio-diversity.
Important Environment Days for Celebration
1.   2nd Feb World Wetland Day Students may be called for discussion on What is wetland, Importance of wetland, Managing wetlands and Biodiversity in wetland.
2.  21st March World Forestry Day Celebrate World Forestry Day by doing activities such as the planting of trees and highlighting the urgency to increase the green cover.
3  22nd April Earth Day Discover Earth Day activities for students including games, art projects, crafts and other Earth Day ideas. Let them find Earth Day information, activities and events to remind them of the importance of green living and sustainable lifestyles.
4.  5th June World Environment Day You can make a difference – individual actions, when multiplied, can make an exponential difference to the planet.
5.  17th June World Day to Combat Desertification & Drought Discuss on drought and desertification, its implications on society and ways to minimize the problem among the students.
6.  1st week of July Tree Festival week Students may be encouraged to share on importance of this Tree Festival week, its history and let them do some exercise on biodiversity & plant as many as tree.
7.  11th July World Population Day World Population Day aims to increase people’s awareness on various population issues such as the importance of family planning, including gender equality, poverty, maternal health and human rights. Let the students share their information through competitions. Student Secretary
8.  16th September International Day for the preservation of the Ozone layer Share information about atmosphere, ozone, CFC, acid rain among students. Let them invite for participation in competition. They can go for awareness campaign on eco friendly products.
9.  1st week of October Wildlife week Let us share information about types of animals, habitat, extinct, endangered species, food web, food chain, natural cycles among students and importance of each species in ecological balance. Students can go to local nearby park and help visitors as guide.
10.  4th October Animal Welfare Day We can discuss on importance of animals. Activities like giving unused foods, put a bin of water in the campus, make artificial nest in trees etc.
11.  2nd December National Pollution Prevention Day Share information about types of pollution, about reduction, laws, local issues and finding solution from students. Promote eco friendly practices like ban of polythene, use of cycle or by walk, plantation, water conservation practices.