Adithya Institute of Technology

Posted on: July 21st, 2023 by adithya


Name of the Cell/
Fitness Cell
Core Activity

-To organize training, coaching and education in Fitness for everybody so that they can learn to keep themselves physically fit.

-To Recommend the student to participate in Inter- Intra College Fitness events.

-To promote every individuals╩╣ health, physical well-being as well as the acquisition of physical skill among the students.

-The committee aspires to inculcate qualities such as sports manship,team spirit and bonding.

-Submit annual report on the Fitness/events and budget all occasions & utilization during the year.

Physical Director Mr.G. Ranganathan PED
Mr.Samara Simba Reddy.M- IV-Civil
Mr. Jayasekara V R- III-CSE
Mr.Karthick S- IV-EEE
Mr.MohammedAram A- IV-ECE
Mr.Sivakumar P- III-MECH
Mr.Karthikeyan S- III-IT
Periodicity of
the meeting
As and When required


  • Students Representatives or Nominated for Each Fitness Students are Involved in Conduction and Execution of Fitness.
  • Students Representatives Categorizing Different Activities According to the Participants.
  • Students Representatives are Involved in Conducting Fitness Competitions & Supporting to the Judge /Jury panels.
  • Collecting the Students Contributions in all the Programs Proper Maintenance of fitness Accessories.