1.The main objective behind counselling in College is to address the emotional, social and behavioural needs of the students..

2.Counselling helps the people to talk about what is in their mind without having a feeling of being judged or commented on.

3.Counselling helps the people to understand about their needs and providing the necessary help so that the client can take the right decision.

4.It helps for self-discovery, self-acceptance and brings mental peace by realizing their capabilities, resources, value, and take necessary steps towards self-acceptance.

5.Counselling help to recognize and understand about one’s talents and abilities and to develop resourcefulness and self-direction in adapting to changes in society.

Other Benefits of Counselling:

  • promotes self-understanding and self-direction
  • help to develop an optimistic outlook for removal of undesirable traits
  • promotes optimal development of an individual
  • helps an individual solve different problems
  • helps in academic growth and development
  • helps in making vocational choices
  • promotes social as well as personal adjustment of an individual
  • helps to manage with negative emotions
  • helps in improving relationships and promotes better family life
  • promotes optimal use of resources
  • improving the skills like decision making, and communication
  • helps in feeling empowered and self-worthiness

Lastly, our centre helps the students learn how-to live-in peace and harmony with others in the community.


Mrs. S. Rajeswari AP/CSE