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Circuit Branches

Posted on: August 4th, 2018 by adithya

Course Content:

      Internet of Things (IoT)

Integration and testing

Power module

Sensor module

Controller module

Wireless module

Programming and testing

Wireless communication integration and testing

Data streaming to Cloud server

Loop back Control mechanism

Skill evaluation and re-train

      Data Science

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Data Aggregation

Data Analytics



      Technology Evolution

4G Overview

Wireless Technology Evolution

4G Air interface

4G Architecture, Interfaces, Protocols

Cloud Radio Access Network(C-RAN)

Transport Network

Core Network

VoLTE and VoWiFi Protocols

5G Overview

5G Services and Requirements

Detailed Use cases and Requirements

Deployment Models

5G RF Technology

Spectrum Bands for 5G

mmWave Technology

Beam forming and Massive MIMO

5G Network Architecture

NGMN Architecture and Requirements

Core Network – Access Agnostic frame work

Transport Network

Cloud RAN

Core Network

Control plane and User Plane separation

Edge computing and Analytics

Latency Requirements and Monitoring Mechanism


Cloud Computing

PNF and VNF Overview

ETSI NFVI Overview

Hypervisor Overview

vmWare Overview

OpenStack Overview

Core Network Function Virtualization scenarios and requirements

Virtualization Enablers





Network Slicing

Orchestration Overview

Service Chaining Overview

Automation Overview

IP Routing/SDN

Network Services Overview

Layer 2 and L3 virtual private network (VPN) Overview

Border gateway protocol (BGP) network services

Protocol Overview

IP Routing Protocols


Segmented Routing



SDN Overview

Digital Network Architecture Overview

Course Duration:

5 – 15 Days depending on the choice of topics

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Mr. Raja Duraisamy – 96268 38992

Mr. S.Muthukumar – 94899 15598