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Posted on: October 9th, 2014 by adithya

         INTEL® Intelligent Systems Lab


   About INTEL® Intelligent Systems Lab

INTEL® Intelligent Systems Lab was started on 15.02.2016 jointly by INTEL-FICE and Adithya Institute of Technology, India. At this junction, AIT has entered into a MoU with INTEL TECHNOLOGY PRIVATE INDIA LIMITED. INTEL® Intelligent Systems Lab has been setup with an objective to enhance students’ employability skills by bridging the gap between industry and academia.

The lab has been set-up with .INTEL® Galileo Kit, Arduino Sensor set for Arduino, Intel® Centrino N135 min-PCLe, MicroSD Card, GSM/GPRS Shield. The personal computer systems interfaced with Intel® Galileo boards are equipped with both windows, Ubuntu OS and loaded with Arduino IDE, High Speed Internet Connectivity (Service:Ready Link, Speed:40 Mbps) is available to all work stations in the lab.

The lab acts as a centralized facility for all disciplines of Engineering & Technology of AIT. The main purpose / objectives of this lab is,

  • To train the students in Intel Processor
  • To enable the students to obtain Intel Certificate in Intelligent Systems
  • To enable the faculty to obtain the Certificate of Instructional Excellence in Intelligent Systems
  • To carry out academic & research projects
  • To facilitate students’ participation in leading contest like INTEL IDEATION CAMP, SMART VILLAGE EXPO etc.
  • To conduct short term courses for polytechnic, Engineering & Industrial participants.



This lab is mainly used for Adithya Learning Management System-training and also embedded with  softwares like java, c, c++ compilers with latest version of web browsers… For the infrastructural details details click here…




This lab  mainly allows the students to build up their own ideas in various fields… For the infrastructural details details click here…