Adithya Institute of Technology


Posted on: October 9th, 2014 by adithya


The Mission of the Literary Association is to help, establish and maintain a strong foundation for long-term leadership, innovation and excellence in the academic, cultural initiatives to promising young men and women in our AIT students.



The literary association is devoted to empowering tomorrow’s young leaders with the skill, knowledge and real world experience they will need to carry on the work of improving the standard of living, working and government in their own communities and cities. The literary association is dedicated to upholding and strengthening the highest personal and professional values of our time, in its internal as well as external maneuver, stakeholder relations and above all in its exchange programs and collaborative activities like Integrity ,Ethics, Transparency ,Tolerance and Non discrimination.



The literary association deals with various activities like elocution, essay, poetry, story writing, drama, photography, drawing, painting…etc. We propel the talented students to participate in National & International level competitions.


Faculty in charge:

Ms.Y.R.Sareena Angelin(English)