Adithya Institute of Technology

Women Development Cell

Posted on: October 7th, 2014 by adithya


Ms.M.Dhivya Dept. of English

Ms. Lakshmi Dept. of CSE

Secretary                     : Ms. Malini.K (IV CSE)

Joint Secretary           : Ms. Kiruthika.S(III IT)

Treasurer                     : Ms. Pavithra.D (IV IT)

Office bearer               : Ms. Indumathi (III EEE)

Ms. Meena (II CIVIL)

Ms. Christina (III ECE)

Events to be conducted:

Yoga and Awareness Program

  • This is to bring balanced, intelligent, emotional and spiritual quotient.


  • Celebrations of Women’s Day and Mother’s Day will be organized


  • Creative Memory Tricks for improving the quality of life.

Social Awareness

  • To know and keep in touch with the outer world.

Social Service

  • We organize camps in nearby villages, orphanages, schools.